Some time we need to know our blog post index or not and there are no way to check automatically Post Indexing So What should we do for it. 

We can create google Google alerts so every new article will index from selected website or keyword google will send you a mail immediately.

How Google Alert's Work

If we set google alert on selected domain or keyword google alerts will start on your gmail. every time post or article index you will get google alerts mail. So, You can Read And Checkout Post.

How To set-up Google Alerts For Keywords [Query]

Before you follow below step I will suggest you to first login to your google account Then Follow Below Steps:
  1. Go To This Link Google Alert's.
  2. Type Any Keyword Or Keyword That alerts you want to mail.

  3. Then, Click To Create Alert.
  4. your Alert Will be Started.

Customize The Google Alert's

There are two way you can use customize your alerts.

1. When Create Alert

  1. Click To Show Options.

  2. You Can Now Customize Alert's How Often,Source, Language, Region, How Many And Where want to receive alerts.

2. After Create Alert

  1. Click The Pencil Icon.

  2. Here, You can Choose your customize alerts.

  3. After Customize, Click To Update Alert.

How To Set Delivery Time And Digest In Google Alerts

  1. Go To My Alerts.
  2. Click To Settings Icon.

  3. Choose your desire option.

  4. At the end, Save.

how to cancel a google alert

If You want to cancel Google Alert you can delete it with one Click.
  1. Click To The Bin Icon In My Alerts.

  2. Your Alert will Be delete without asking any permission or alert.

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