Ranveer Singh, a regular boy who had big dreams to become an actor in mainstream cinema; effectively made his mark in the film industry over the years. Now he is a raging superstar with millions of fans, luxurious life, and has a successful career. Singh always wanted to make his name in Bollywood, and he did it by playing versatile roles in Hindi cinema. On account of his birthday, here are his 5 best movies that help him grow to stardom. Band Baaja Baraat Band Baaja Baraat was Ranveer Singh's debut movie where he played Delhi-based boy Bittoo Sharma's role. He aced the part brilliantly and captured the lingo of a Delhi boy perfectly. The film was a hit, and Ranveer Singh became a star overnight. Ram Leela Ram Leela was a game-changer for Ranveer. He played the role of a gujju boy who falls in love with Leela, played by Deepika Padukone. He aced the role perfectly. The fans applauded his lingo, body language, costume in the movie. Bajirao Mastani Ranveer grew to stardom with his role in Bajirao Mastani. He played the role of a Maratha Emperor and made everyone's jaws drop with his acting. He moved perfectly in the character of Bajirao and portrayed him beautifully on-screen. Padmaavat How can we not mention Padmaavat? Ranveer Singh blew everyone's mind as he played Allaudin Khilji, who falls in love with Chittorgarh's queen Rani Padmaavati. He aced the part of a self-obsessed and dark-minded Khilji like a pro. His song Khali Bali from the movie still continues to amaze his fan. Lootera Ranveer's Singh Lootera was a breather amid all the high-end cinema he did. It also starred Sonakshi Sinha and was a beautiful movie, a subtle love story wrapped in the blanket of guilt, broken promises, distrust and much more.

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