A video showing pride of five lions walking on the road in Amerli, Gujarat, has gone viral. A report suggests that five lions walked on the Pipavav Road and reached the port. People and workers present at the port were shocked to see the majestic animals roaming around in all their glory. Also, the security staff reported the episode to forest officials. It is assumed that the big cats wandered into the human-dominated area in search of food. The video shows five lions walking together on the side of the road. Two younger cubs are also found with pride. The lions can be seen watching through the side railings fixed on the road. The widespread Gir forests are the only natural territory of world-famous Asiatic Lions found in Gujarat's Amreli district. Watch the video. This is not #Africa it's #India a pride of lions walking at Pipavav port. #Rajulacity #Gujarat #saurastra #asiaticlion #gir #girlion #IncredibleIndia #Mumbai #goodmorning pic.twitter.com/GQ8Ic8bwBY — Old Bombay (@oldmumbai) July 6, 2021

from asianetnews

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