Meet Doti, the nemesis for drug trade along Line of Control

Indian Army has been actively keeping a check on infiltration along the Line of Control bordering Pakistan-occupied Jammu and Kashmir through surveillance devices and other motion-detection equipment. The Army also has a weapon to prevent drug trafficking in the area -- a two-year-old Labrador name Doti. The drug detection canine has been deployed at a checkpoint in Poonch district's Hamirpur after a spate of drug seizures were reported in the area.  The checkpoint, which Asianet Newsable visited recently, has what is termed as an anti-infiltration obstacle system. This sytem is a robust counter-infiltration strategy comprising of a double row fence of concertina wire. The system was put in place between 2003 and 2005. There are nine villages with over 5,000 populations living ahead of AIOS. These Indian villages are situated ahead of the anti-infiltration grid but before the Line of Control. According to experts, the canine's sense of smell is over 2,000 times stronger and 50 times more sensitive than that of a human being. Hence, sniffer dogs are used for a number of security operations. And that is why Doti has been deployed at one such outpost. Experts say that the sniffer dog's sight is enough to deter the drug traffickers from passing the checkpoints. The dog and her handlers have undergone extensive training for months in an effort to be certified. Both of them work as a team.

from asianetnews

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