A video of a zookeeper getting kisses from a hyena has emerged on social media. It was shared on Instagram by Jay Brewer, a zookeeper from California. The video shows Jay Brewer in the neck-deep water and has a hyena on his lap. As per the video, it looks like the man is friendly with the animals. Brewer captioned the video saying, “Never thought I’d be getting kisses from a hyena but never know what’s going to happen around here (sic),”  It looks like Brewer is equally amazed by Hyena’s cute gesture. Netizens admired the video which Jay Brewer shared on Instagram. The comments section is full of heart and love-struck emojis. “Lovely kisses (sic),” read a comment. Another user wrote, “Cute (sic).” Take a look. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Jay Brewer (@jayprehistoricpets)

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