Google Pixel 6, Pixel 6 Pro Pre-Order, Sale Date Tipped Ahead of Official Announcement

Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro could be unveiled on October 19, as per the latest leak. At the time Google unveiled the design of the Pixel 6 series, it had was said that the phones will launch later this year. But it now seems like we have a date for Google’s launch event.

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Windows 11 Release Date Set for October 5, No Android Apps Support at Launch

Windows 11 release date is set for October 5 and Microsoft on Tuesday announced that the new operating system will be rolled out as a free upgrade to eligible Windows 10 PCs starting day one of its release. However, Windows 11 won’t ship with support for Android apps at launch.

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Facebook Says It Took Action on 33.3 Million Content Pieces in India Due to Policy Violations in July

Facebook “actioned” over 33.3 million content pieces across ten violation categories proactively during June 16–July 31 in India, the social media giant said in its compliance report.

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WhatsApp Banned Over 3 Million Accounts in India in June-July, 316 Ban Appeals Received From Users

WhatsApp’s latest User Safety Monthly Report says that it banned over three million Indian accounts during the 46 day period between June 16 and July 31 of this year. Out of this, ban appeals via user complaints and posts from India Grievance Officer were only 316, and the rest were actioned through WhatsApp’s own tools and resources to stop harmful behaviour on t...

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No Time to Die Final Trailer Out, India Release Date Set for September 30

No Time to Die final trailer out — and India release date confirmed for September 30, in line with the UK and eight days before the US. No Time to Die is Daniel Craig’s final outing as James Bond.

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Google Delays Office Return Until January Due to COVID-19: See What CEO Sundar Pichai Told Employees

Google is extending its voluntary return-to-office policy through January next year, CEO Sundar Pichai said, citing uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic in many parts of the world.

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Disney to Move Hotstar Content to Hulu, ESPN+ in US as Part of Disney Bundle

Disney said that content from its streaming service Hotstar will migrate to its ESPN+ and Hulu streaming platforms in the US.

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Coronavirus: India clocks 41,965 new COVID-19 cases; Kerala accounts for nearly 72% cases

India has reported 41,965 new Covid-19 cases and 460 deaths in the last 24 hours, the Health Ministry said on Wednesday.

India clocked 41,965 new Covid-19 infections in 24 hours and 460 deaths from the disease, according to the Union Health and Family Welfare Ministry data on Wednesday. With this, the country’s total Covid caseload rose to 3,28,10,845, while the death toll has increased to 4,39,020.


As per a Health Ministry update, 33,964 people were discharged in the last 24 hours, taking the total recoveries to 3,28,10,845. The recovery rate stands at 97.51%.

The total number of active cases has now risen to 3.78 lakh. Out of 41,965 fresh Covid-19 cases, Kerala reported 30,203 Covid-19 cases.

The country on Tuesday administered 1.25 crore doses of vaccines against Covid-19, taking the total to over 65 crore doses administered so far, under nationwide vaccination drive. India achieved the highest ever single-day vaccination coverage with the administration of over 1.33 crore doses on Tuesday.

NOTE: Asianet News humbly requests everyone to wear masks, sanitize, maintain social distancing and get vaccinated as soon as eligible. Together we can and will break the chain #ANCares #IndiaFightsCorona 

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Kiara Advani: The actress who communicates more with her eyes and less with dialogues

When I think of Kiara Advani, it reminds me of a versatile actress who carries an honest smile and looks fresh as a daisy. Kiara has sincerely come a long way; starting with a massive flop debut with Fugly in 2014, no one even knew Kiara existed in the film industry back then. Well, was the film that bad? Yes, it sure was. Kiara must be very thankful for MS Dhoni: The Untold Story, which gave her a deserving big break; with a small screen time in the film's last half, the actress left an everlasting impact on the viewers' minds.

There are two types of actors, one who goes blank on-screen and the others who purposely mute themselves to let their features and body language do the talking, and Kiara falls in the second category. Let's analyse a few films of Kiara Advani, where she delivered the desired craft with lesser words.

MS Dhoni: The Untold Story
Role: Sakshi, a hotel staff who would move you with her eyes

Kiara played an intern, religious to her duties and very passionate. Do you remember how she said, "Sorry Sir," when she fails to recognise Mahi? Well, that's when we knew there was natural sweetness and honesty in Kiara's performance.

Kabir Singh
Role: Preeti, a silent lover

Kabir Singh is a classic example of Kiara's silent acting. Kiara as Preeti was a breather in the film. Her pink skin, soft lips and communicative eyes made her a worthy choice to play Kabir's love interest. She brought a perfect contrast to his intense masculinity in the movie.

She would open her lips subtly, "Kabir, what do you like in me" and you wish there were more words in the scene. The clean ponytail, those heavy eyes and simple smile brought Preeti alive. Every boy could see their 'lady love' in Kiara after the movie was released. In the scene where she is slapped, or Kabir asks her to leave the mandap, she holds her calm, still like water and lets her face do the rest of the talking.

Role: Nanki, a disturbed college student, unable to win with her hidden demons

Kiara made a bold move when she chose to do a film for OTT. Guilty, an intense drama, triggering the inner demons inside Nanki (played by Kiara), but there was more to her story than those silvers locks and kohl-rimmed eyes. In the movie's climax scene and facing hallucinations, Kiara carried a perfect look of 'absenteeism' on her face. The way she confronts her molester at college event and how she lends a helping hand to a friend who was raped spoke louder than the dialogues. Her smokey eyes were heavy, and so was her heart, it's safe to say that Kiara nailed the role.

Lust Stories
Role: Megha, a working wife, unable to express her unfulfilled sexual fantasies to her lame husband

Talking about expressing emotions on-screen with minimum dialogues, how can we not mention 'Lust Stories'. The film acted as a game-changer for Kiara Advani. She nailed the vibrator scene. Did you know she googled how the device works? The actress brought a perfect expression to her face and portrayed a strong character of a woman who doesn't shy away from embracing healthy female sexuality. She was perfect as Megha, the expressions on her face, stroking the hair behind, holding the furniture during the 'climax' scene just proved her versatility as an actress and her intelligence to use the props around her.

Kiara leapt with Indoo Ki Jawani; unfortunately, her solo lead could not impress the audience, but they saw a little 'chatterbox' in Kiara Advani's character.

Role: Dimple Cheema, a brave girl who knows how to carry a heavy heart and move on

Shershaah, from now on, will be a benchmark for all Kiara Advani's performances. Not me, even the director of the film Karan Johar feels the same. In his post, he wrote, "Kiara Advani played the strongest pillar of strength, making the nation cry without any words."

Kiara was born to play Dimple Cheema; she was a perfect Sardarni in the movie. Those jhumkas, lovely smile, sculpted cheekbones and that eye-catching bindi made everyone her fan.

Kiara Advani's performances didn't go unnoticed in the movie. The end scene of the film was pure, fresh and completely honest. Not much crying, not too little crying; just the right amount of emotions pouring down from her eyes as she mourns Vikram's death.

Kiara has undoubtedly become an actress who holds the audacity to make the cinema her own, whether she may or might not have a longer screen time. Fans love the soft-spoken, communicative and sharp face of the actress in above listed movies. It feels like dialogues are written in her mind, and as the camera rolls, her facial expression changes.












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Train crashes into 18-wheeler carrying wind turbine blade; watch video

A horrific video shows a train crashing into a wind turbine blade after the vehicle transporting it neglected to cross in time. An eyewitness shared the video on Facebook in which a high-speed train smashed into an 18-wheeler semi-truck moving a wind turbine. As per the reports, the unfortunate accident occurred in South Texas on Sunday around 2:30 p.m local time.

The video shows an 18-wheeler semi-truck on the railway track crossing the gate when a cargo train smashes through the truck’s bed and drags the blade of a wind turbine.

The truck was about two-thirds of the way across the railway track.
Reportedly people inside the vehicle suffered minor injuries and were taken to a nearby hospital. After being shared online, the video has garnered over 2.6 million views on Facebook users also shared their thoughts in the comments section. Watch the video.


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WhatsApp banned over 3 million accounts in India from June 16-July 31

Facebook-owned messaging platform WhatsApp banned over 3 million Indian accounts in the 46 days from June 16 to July 31, 2021, according to the platform’s latest compliance report under the new Information Technology Rules, 2021.

During the period, the messaging platform banned 3,027,000 WhatsApp accounts as per the compliance report filed by it on Tuesday, according to PTI.

“WhatsApp is an industry leader in preventing abuse, among end-to-end encrypted messaging services. Over the years, we have consistently invested in Artificial Intelligence and other state of the art technology, data scientists and experts, and in processes, in order to keep our users safe on our platform,” a WhatsApp spokesperson said in a statement.

In the "interest of preventing online abuse and keeping users safe" on the platform, WhatsApp in its report said it took action against Indian accounts through its "prevention and detection method for violating the laws of India or WhatsApp's Terms of Service". WhatsApp said overall, over 95% of such bans in India were due to the unauthorised use of automated or bulk messaging (spam).

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According to the study, the messaging giant received 594 user reports spanning across account support (137), ban appeal (316), other support (45), product support (64) and safety (32) of which 74 ban appeal requests were handled.

According to the report, 74 accounts were "actioned" during this time. It said that “Account Actioned” implies that some remedial measures were taken on the basis of the report. Taking action is either banning an account or restoring a previously banned account based on the complaint.

The company identifies an Indian account via a +91 phone number. As per the company, more than 95% of bans in India are due to the unauthorized use of automated or bulk messaging, resulting in spam. Globally, the monthly average of accounts banned on the platform is about 8 million, The Hindu reported.

The new IT rules - which came into effect on May 26 require large digital platforms, with more than 5 million users, to publish compliance reports every month mentioning the details of complaints received and action taken.

NOTE: Asianet News humbly requests everyone to wear masks, sanitize, maintain social distancing and get vaccinated as soon as eligible. Together we can and will break the chain #ANCares #IndiaFightsCorona

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Joe Biden on Afghanistan exit: Decision designed to save American lives

United States President Joe Biden has said that winding up the American mission in Afghanistan and flying out on August 31 was not due to an arbitrary deadline, but rather it was designed to save American lives.

Addressing the nation on the end of America's war in Afghanistan, Biden said that the choice before his administration was between leaving or escalating the situation.

Biden said he was not going to extend, what he termed as, either a forever war and a forever exit. 

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The US President further said that the decision to end the military airlift operations at Kabul airport was based on the unanimous recommendation of his civilian and military advisors which include the Secretary of State, the Secretary of Defence, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and all the service chiefs, and the commanders in the field.

Disagreeing with those who suggested that the evacuations could have been done in a more orderly manner, Biden stated that there was no evacuation from "the end of a war that can be run without the kind of complexities, challenges, and threats we faced."

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Biden lashed out at the previous Donald Trump administration for cutting a deal with the Taliban that forced the United States to start drawing down boots on the ground.

He said that Trump's administration had signed an agreement with the Taliban in which American troops had to leave the country by May 1. Besides, the deal did not require the Taliban to work out a governing arrangement with the Afghan government. However, the dead did authorize releasing 5,000 prisoners, including some of the Taliban's top war commanders who are among those who just took control of Afghanistan.

Biden said that by the time he had assumed office, the Taliban was already controlling or contesting nearly half of the country and was in its strongest military position since 2001. 

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Trump's agreement, Biden said, underlined that if the US administration stuck to May 1 deadline to leave the country, the Taliban would not attack any American forces. 

But if the deadline was not followed, all bets were off, the US President said.

In statements that could meet with backlash later, Biden said that the United States would not have gone to war with Afghanistan in 2001 even though the Taliban controlled the country then if the September 11, 2001 terror attacks were to be staged from Yemen and not  Afghanistan.

Stating that the United States had succeeded in achieving what it set out to do in Afghanistan over a decade ago, Biden said, "We delivered justice to Osama bin Laden and decimated Al Qaeda. Then we stayed for another decade. It was time to end this war."

The US president concluded his remarks stating that he believed that his decision was right, wise and in the best interest of America.

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Google extends work from home until next year due to ongoing pandemic

Due to the epidemic, Google on Tuesday extended the option for its workers to work from home until next year. Returning to Google campuses will remain voluntary worldwide until January 10, according to CEO Sundar Pichai, with local offices granted choice over when to force staff to return to their desks. Pichai stated that he is pleased to report that many offices worldwide are already open for business and that tens of thousands of Googlers have voluntarily returned.

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He also stated that the road ahead may be a little longer and bumpier than anticipated, but he is confident that we will all make it through together. He offered Google employees 30 days' notice before they had to return to work and stated that they would be allowed to take an extra day off in October and December to relax and recharge.

Google, Facebook, and other tech behemoths have postponed plans for staff to return to campuses abandoned early in the epidemic to prevent the spread of Covid-19.
As the Delta variety spreads in the United States and other countries, IT companies have implemented vaccination and mask regulations to keep their operations safer.

Also Read | Google removes 95,680 objectionable content in July in India, reveals report

In other news, according to Google's monthly transparency reports, which were released on Tuesday, the internet giant received 36,934 user complaints in July and removed 95,680 pieces of content as a consequence. Aside from user reports, Google removed 5,76,892 pieces of content due to automated identification in July. These disclosures were made by the US-based business in order to comply with India's new IT regulations, which went into force on May 26.

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Camila Cabello's scary moment: Singer passed out at 'Cinderella' premiere; read deets

Getting cold feet before a big event and being nervous is a common human tendency, and celebrities are no different. Camila Cabello found herself in a scary moment as she passed out during the Cinderella premiere on Monday night.

While giving her speech at the event, the actress said that she passed out before; however she could make it to the stage to address the event. In her speech, she apologised for passing out.


A post shared by camila (@camila_cabello)

Camila Cabello did not explain why or how she passed out, but she went onto speak about the movie, so it seems like everything was fine.

Cabello thanked everyone for being a part of the event; she called it an incredible experience to be at the premiere on Monday night. She further said that she believes so much in this movie, and she wants everyone to enjoy this.


A post shared by camila (@camila_cabello)

She also said that she is happy she did not mess it up and that she is grateful for everyone who believed enough in her to give her this opportunity. Camila's upcoming film Cinderella is the updated version, a modern take on the fairytale. The movie is about an ambitious woman whose dreams are more prominent than family, society, prince charming and more.


A post shared by camila (@camila_cabello)

The movie will premiere on Amazon Prime on September 3.


A post shared by camila (@camila_cabello)

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Apple Watch Production Delayed Due to Complicated Design: Report

Apple's latest smartwatch production has been delayed due to its complicated design, the Nikkei reported on Tuesday, citing people familiar with the matter.

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Goa becomes India's first state to supply free water to people: CM Pramod Sawant

Panaji: Making the struggle easier for many of the state’s citizens, Goa Chief Minister Pramod Sawant on Tuesday announced that the government’s scheme for providing free water up to 16,000 litres per household per month has come into effect from today.

Sawant launched the 'Save Water to Get Free Water' scheme on Tuesday and said Goa will be the first state in the country to provide free water to its people.

During a press conference in Panaji, Sawant said, “Goa will be the first state in the country to give free water to the people. We don’t waste this water; we want to save water to have free water.”

The Chief Minister further added, “From September 1, we are reducing water bills. 16,000 litres of water will be given free of cost. From 1 September, 60 per cent of the households will get zero bills. Those living in flats or complexes will be able to utilise the scheme,” news agency ANI reported.

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Sawant also announced that small businesses and restaurants will be transferred from the industrial to commercial segment for water billing, due to which, they can also avail the benefit of this scheme.

"Small businesses and restaurants will not have to pay industrial bills anymore. We are moving it to the commercial bill slab, they will be able to save money in a big way. OTS (one-time settlement) has been extended by two months to facilitate payment of pending bills," he said.

The scheme is said to benefit 60% of the people in Goa, who will receive zero water bills from September.

CM Sawant’s announcement of free water came a month on August 15 after Delhi Chief Minister and AAP national convener Arvind Kejriwal announced that if his party is voted to power in Goa, they will provide 300 units of electricity free to every family each month.

NOTE: Asianet News humbly requests everyone to wear masks, sanitize, maintain social distancing and get vaccinated as soon as eligible. Together we can and will break the chain #ANCares #IndiaFightsCorona

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Google removes 95,680 objectionable content in July in India, reveals report

Google received 36,934 user complaints in July and deleted 95,680 pieces of content as a result, according to the internet giant's monthly transparency reports, which were issued on Tuesday. Aside from user reports, Google deleted 5,76,892 pieces of material in July due to automatic detection. The US-based firm provided these disclosures to comply with India's new IT laws, which went into effect on May 26.

Google announced on Tuesday that it received 36,934 complaints in July from individual users in India via authorised methods and that the number of removal actions as a result of user complaints was 95,680 - the most so far. In June, Google received 36,265 user complaints and deleted 83,613 pieces of material as a consequence. In April, it deleted 59,350 pieces of material, and in May, it erased 71,132 items.

Copyright (94,862), trademark (807), court order (4), circumvention (3), counterfeit (1), explicit sexual content (1), impersonation (1), and other legal demands were used to remove the content (1).

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According to Google's report, it deleted 5,76,892 pieces of content in July due to automatic detection. In June, this figure was 5,26,866. The business stated that it had included data where the sender or author of the material is based in India for data linked to automatic detection procedures.

According to Google, a single complaint may include numerous things that may or may not be related to the same or distinct pieces of content. Each unique URL in a given complaint is regarded as an individual "item" that is deleted. According to the new IT guidelines, large digital platforms with more than 5 million users will be required to submit monthly compliance reports detailing the specifics of complaints received and actions done in response. The report must also contain the number of specific communication connections or sections of the material that the intermediary has deleted or denied access to as a result of any proactive monitoring performed with automated technologies.

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Netflix India September 2021 Releases: Money Heist, Kota Factory, Sex Education, and More

Money Heist season 5, Kota Factory season 2, Sex Education season 3, Lucifer season 6, Chhota Bheem, Ankahi Kahaniya, Crime Stories: India Detectives, Rick and Morty season 5 finale — the biggest movies and TV shows on Netflix in September 2021.

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F9, Money Heist, Kota Factory, and More: September Guide to Netflix, Disney+ Hotstar, and Prime Video

Money Heist season 5, Fast & Furious 9, Kota Factory season 2, Lucifer season 6, Sex Education season 3, Black Widow, Shang-Chi, Bhoot Police, Cinderella, Mumbai Diaries 26/11, Annabelle Sethupathi, Ankahi Kahaniya — the biggest TV shows and movies in September 2021 on Netflix, Disney+ Hotstar, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV+, and in cinemas.

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Coronavirus: India logs 30,941 fresh COVID-19 cases, active cases decline to 3.7 lakh

India on Monday reported 30,941 fresh Covid cases in the last 24 hours, according to the Union Health Ministry data.  

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PayU’s Prosus to Buy Payments Company BillDesk for $4.7 Billion

PayU’s Prosus has agreed to buy payments company BillDesk in a $4.7 billion (roughly Rs. 34,380 crores) deal.

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Netflix India Now Supports UPI AutoPay for Recurring Payments

Netflix is now rolling out support for UPI Autopay recurring payments in India. UPI Autopay will be available on and Netflix’s Android app. Netflix might be getting ahead of the curve here, as the Reserve Bank of India will impose new rules on recurring transactions from October 1, and the storing of card details from January 1, 2022.

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Fossil Gen 6 Smartwatch Range With Snapdragon 4100+, SpO2 Sensor Launched: Price, Specifications

Fossil Gen 6 line-up has been unveiled in the US. The lineup has differnet dial sizes and styles and is powered by the Snapdragon 4100+ platform. It runs on the Wear OS 2 software with Wear OS 3 expected to come in 2022. The Fossil Gen 6 is priced starting at $299 (roughly Rs. 21,900).

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OnePlus Nord 2, OnePlus 7 Series Getting New Features, Improvements With OxygenOS Updates

OnePlus Nord 2 and OnePlus 7 series — OnePlus 7, OnePlus 7 Pro, OnePlus 7T, and OnePlus 7T Pro — are receiving new OxygenOS updates bundled with the August 2021 Android security patch. The OnePlus Nord 2 is getting battery optimisations for PUBG and other gaming titles. The OnePlus 7 series gets the Bitmoji AOD feature that is co-designed by Snapchat.

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iPhone 13 With a Notchless Design Allegedly Spotted on Apple TV+ Show Ted Lasso Ahead of Launch

iPhone 13 with a notchless design allegedly appeared on Apple TV+ comedy show Ted Lasso. Some users shared screenshots from the series to suggest the new iPhone ahead of its official announcement.

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Smartphone Shipments Expected to Keep Growing as Emerging Markets Show Recovery: IDC

Smartphone shipments are expected to continue growing in the coming years as emerging markets are showing strong recovery. Due to the COVID-19 related lockdowns and restrictions, growth was small but is expected to continue.

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Nigeria to Launch Its Own Cryptocurrency 'eNaira' in Partnership With Bitt

Nigeria's Central Bank announced Monday that it will work with Bitt as a technical partner in its bid to launch its own cryptocurrency called the "eNaira".

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China Cuts Down Playing Time for Under-18 Gamers to 3 Hours a Week

China has stepped up its social policing and introduced new restrictions for under-18 gamers. The rules now say they can’t play for more than three hours a week — an hour each day over the weekend.

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'Netflix and chill holiday': Jaipur firm gives employees an off on September 3 to watch 'Money Heist'

As the web series Money Heist has grown its popularity worldwide, including India, a Jaipur-based business named Verve Logic has announced a vacation for its staff on September 3, dubbed the 'Netflix and Chill Holiday' because the show premieres on the same day. Abhishek Jain, the company's CEO, also praised his workers for their efforts during the Covid-19 epidemic. In a social media post to his workers, Verve Logic CEO remarked, "It is good to take a break now and again." "We have taken this step not merely to avert an attack on our emails with bogus leaves, see mass bunks and numbers being switched off," Jain wrote on social media. He further added that sometimes there is a need for 'Moments of Chill be the Best Pills for Energy at Work'. Also Read | #UninstallHotstar is trending on social media; Read details Have Been Going Over the Love We have Received.! Yes it is real and we are absolutely happy to announce an off on 3rd September naming it to be "Netflix & Chill Holiday" on the release of final season of #MoneyHeist @NetflixIndia- Please don't end this one! "Kehdo Ye Juth Hai"❤️ — Verve Logic (@VerveLogic) August 30, 2021 The CEO concluded the post by saying: "So grab some popcorn and get ready to say good-by to our favourite Professor and the entire ensemble. Verve logic would like to thank all of its members for their incredible spirit throughout work from home and for assisting us in gracefully emerging from difficult circumstances. After all, we've seen 'Ek Break to Banta Hai.'" Also Read |Does 'The Empire' has connection with 'Game of Thrones'? Check out how netizens reacted 'Money Heist,' a popular Spanish Netflix programme, will premiere its fifth and final season on the OTT streaming site on September 3. 100 hours that feel like a hundred years. This is how Tokyo expresses her feelings in the official trailer for the first volume, 'La Casa de Papel' (Spanish for 'Money Heist,' Part 5, which was released in early August. According to the Professor, the stormwater tank has been located in the new season of Money Heist, as Colonel Tamayo prepares the men to infiltrate the Bank of Spain. The paper house Part 5 will be released in two instalments, the first on September 3, 2021, and the second on December 3, 2021. rsula Corberó, lvaro Morte, Itziar Ituo, Pedro Alonso, Miguel Herrán, Jaime Lorente, Esther Acebo, Enrique Arce, Rodrigo de la Serna, Darko Peric, Najwa Nimri, Hovik Keuchkerian, Luka Peros, Belén Cuesta, Fernando Cayo, Fernando Soto, Jose Manuel Poga, Mario de la Rosa are among the cast members

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Shah Rukh Khan's this weird habit will leave you speechless; know more about King Khan's obsession

If you are a Shah Rukh Khan fan, you must know about this weird habit of the star; read on.

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Cristiano Ronaldo completes medical ahead of Manchester United return

Portuguese sensation Cristiano Ronaldo made a thrilling return to Manchester United last week from Juventus. Although he is yet to sign for the club officially, it looks imminent. Ronaldo is currently in his hometown of Lisbon, where he is expected to take part in Portugal's FIFA World Cup qualifiers this week. Meanwhile, according to Sky Sports, personal terms have already been agreed with the club, with the signing expected to be completed by Tuesday night's transfer deadline. The report adds that Ronnie has also undergone his medical last weekend in Lisbon before returning to Old Trafford. United has confirmed that it would pay €15 million and a further €8 million in add-ons for the Portuguese. Juventus boss Massimiliano Allegri had confirmed on Friday that Ronaldo had no intentions of continuing with the club. While he was expected to sign for United's neighbouring rival Manchester City, Ronaldo promptly changed his mind once United stepped in. ALSO READ: What would be Cristiano Ronaldo's jersey number at Manchester United? Meanwhile, United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjær expressed his excitement at the arrival of the Portuguese, besides expecting to have the paperwork done soon. He labelled him as a winner, a great human being and hailed his incredible career. However, he also went on to warn United's players that Ronaldo would not be warming the bench and would be in the starting XI. "We need to get all the paperwork done. Hopefully, we can get that sorted, and we can announce it 100 per cent. Then, he is away with Portugal, they have three games, his last game is Tuesday (September 7), and then, we can get him back to Manchester and involved as soon as possible," he told Sky Sports. Ronaldo's initial spell with United was between 2003-09. During this period, he scored 118 goals in 292 matches across competitions, winning nine titles. NOTE: Asianet News humbly requests everyone to wear masks, sanitise, maintain social distancing and get vaccinated as soon as eligible. Together we can and will break the chain #ANCares #IndiaFightsCorona

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This Taliban leader was once a cadet at the Indian Military Academy

Sher Mohammad Abbas Stanikzai, one of the 7 most influential leaders of the Taliban, was once a cadet at the prestigious Indian Military Academy (IMA) in Uttarakhand's Dehradun. Stanikzai, in contrast to his peers, is considered to be highly educated. According to a Times of India report, Stanikzai was known as 'Sheru' among the 1982 batchmates of the IMA. Watch this video to know more.

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Major car accident in Bengaluru: 7 dead, over speeding suspected; DMK MLA son among dead

Bengaluru woke up on Tuesday morning to the news of seven deaths in a car accident. An Audi Q3 car is believed to have lost control and hit the footpath. The luxury car was reduced to junk due to the impact. Six out of the seven victims died on the spot. Three of the victims were women. The deceased have been identified as Karunasagar, Bindu (both 28), Ishitha and Dr Dhanusha (both 21), Akshay Goel, Utsav and Rohit (all 23).  According to reports, Karunasagar is the son of DMK leader Prakash. The car in which they were travelling belongs to a private company in Tamil Nadu. The police said that prima facie it appears to be a case of rash driving. The police also want to confirm whether the victims consumed alcohol. The police say four victims were seated in the back seat. The incident happened at Mangala Kalyanamantapa in Adugodi traffic limits and investigation is on. All 7 are said to be out-of-state residents. As the incident happened late in the night, there are no eyewitnesses and the traffic cops are now relying on CCTV footage. Despite the night curfew, more than four have been travelling in the car. None of the victims reportedly wore seat belts. The bodies have been sent to the hospital for post mortem. Joint Commissioner for Traffic BR Ravikante Gowda who visited the spot believes that the accident could be due to negligence. A similar incident happened in Bengaluru 10 years ago in Indiranagar and morning walkers were killed after a luxurious car hit them. The accused had consumed alcohol.

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Get glowing skin like Deepika Padukone; actress's beauty tip revealed

Want to glow like Deepika Padukone? Actress reveals one product she cannot live without.

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Man separates snake and gecko involved in a fight using bare hands; watch video

In a horrific incident, a brave heart decided to resolve the fight between two animals. The clip opens with a gecko perching on a pole biting a snake that is coiled around it. The position continues for a few seconds before a man interrupts. First, he tries to remove the snake from the gecko’s mouth but fails. Ultimately, he pulls the snake from the lizard’s mouth and throws it on the ground. Towards the end of the video, the gecko climbs up the pole, and the snake slithers away. What is interesting to watch in the video is that the man does all these with his bare hands. The video was recorded in 2017, and went viral again after Jukin Media recently published it. It garnered more than 282k views. Netizens shared their opinion in the comment sections. Many praised the man for the brave act. Also, several users expressed safety concerns. Take a look.

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Donald Trump takes dig at Biden, says never in history departure from war managed so poorly

Never in history has a departure from a war been managed so poorly or incompetently by Americans from Afghanistan, former President Donald Trump remarked as the US flew its final military flight out of Kabul, bringing out all of its armed personnel from the nation. "Never in history has a departure from war been managed so poorly or incompetently as the Biden administration's exit from Afghanistan," Trump remarked as the United States' longest war concluded, with the Taliban taking control of the nation. He added that all equipment should be demanded to be immediately returned to the United States, including every penny of the USD 85 billion dollars in cost. Also Read | India very important, want to maintain good ties: Taliban leader Trump's successor, Joe Biden, has appointed Zalmay Khalilzad as Special Representative for Afghan Reconciliation to carry out the last stages of discussions with the Taliban. "The Biden administration was more focused on meeting an artificial target date than on meeting the circumstances that would allow the execution of the mission that delivers on behalf of America," former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo claimed. He said there was no need for the departure date, and the responsibility was to the American people and the country's security. Former US ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley called it a "shameful retreat." She said that Joe Biden had just finished his humiliating retreat from Afghanistan, putting American civilians and Afghan friends under the control of a terrorist regime. Biden is to be responsible if anything wrong occurs to them. Also Read |#IStandWithJoeBiden trends on social media as US prez's photo with head down goes viral Congressman Mark Green, delivering the Republican Address on the departure from Afghanistan, called it a travesty that has now resulted in the sad loss of American life.

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Apple Buys Primephonic, Plans to Launch Its Own Classical Music App in 2022

Apple has announced the acquisition of classical music streaming service Primephonic and has committed to launching an app dedicated to the genre.

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Bring Home Ganesha With LG TONEFree UV Earbuds


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Taliban celebrate ‘full independence’ with gunfire as US troops withdraw after 20-year long war

Proclaiming “full independence” for Afghanistan after the last US soldiers flew out following 20 years of war, the Taliban celebrated with gunfire that echoed across Kabul. Shaky video footage distributed by the Taliban showed fighters entering the airport after the last US troops took off a minute before midnight, marking the end of a hasty and humiliating exit for Washington and its NATO allies. Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said early Tuesday that “American soldiers left the Kabul airport, and our nation got its full independence,” the Associated Press reported. Now - Celebrating gunfire in Kabul — Muslim Shirzad (@MuslimShirzad) August 30, 2021 The United States has ended a 20-year occupation of Afghanistan and departed from the country, as Major General Chris Donahue, the Commanding Officer of the commanding general of the 82nd Airborne Division, was officially the last American soldier to leave the crisis-hit country on a C-17 aircraft out of Kabul. The departure of the cargo planes marked the end of a massive airlift in which tens of thousands of people fled Afghanistan, fearful of the return of Taliban rule after they took over most of the country and rolled into the capital earlier this month. Also read: The last American soldier has left Afghanistan; US mission is officially over “The last five aircraft have left, it's over!” said Hemad Sherzad, a Taliban fighter stationed at Kabul's international airport. “I cannot express my happiness in words. ... Our 20 years of sacrifice worked.” In Washington, General Frank McKenzie, head of US Central Command, announced the completion of America's longest war and the evacuation effort, saying the last planes took off from Kabul airport at 3,29 p.m. EDT — one minute before midnight Monday in Kabul, Reuters reported. America's longest war claimed the lives of nearly 2,500 U troops and an estimated 240,000 Afghans, and cost some $2 trillion. NOTE: Asianet News humbly requests everyone to wear masks, sanitize, maintain social distancing and get vaccinated as soon as eligible. Together we can and will break the chain #ANCares #IndiaFightsCorona

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Russia, China abstain from UNSC resolution to ensure Afghanistan does not turn into terror safe haven

The United Nations Security Council has adopted a resolution on Afghanistan which aims to prevent Afghan territory from being used by terrorists and combat terrorism, including those designated by the United Nations.  Under India's presidency, the resolution was moved by the permanent members, including the United States, the United Kingdom and France.  While 13 member nations voted in favour of the resolution, Russia and China abstained from voting. Thanking all members for the support and cooperation during its tenure as the UNSC chair which ended on Monday, India said that August has been a busy month for UNSC with key issues such as Afghanistan, maritime security, Middle East, Myanmar, Syria and Yemen. Chairing the session, Foreign Secretary Harsh Vardhan Shringla said that the resolution on Afghanistan was of direct importance to India as underlines terrorists and terror entities designated by UNSC.  He reiterated that Afghan territory should not be used to threaten, attack any country or shelter, finance or train terrorists.   Stressing upon the need for safe passage of people and to take necessary steps in its engagement with Afghanistan, Shringla said the latest resolution realises the importance of the rights of women and minorities, particularly Sikh and Hindu minorities.  The foreign secretary said that evacuating Afghan nationals, including minorities, who wanted to leave Afghanistan was an important part of New Delhi's efforts. Speaking during the session, the US representative said that the resolution put across clear expectations regarding the future of Afghanistan.  UNSC expects the Taliban to live up to its commitment to facilitate safe passage for Afghans and foreigners who want to leave Afghanistan, he said. However, the Chinese representative has alleged that its amendments were not adopted.  The Chinese representative said Beijing had major doubts about the intent and urgency to adopt this resolution.  Claiming that it had, along with Russia, taken part in consultations and put forward important and reasonable amendments, China claimed its amendments had not been fully adopted.  The Chinese representative went on to say that his country opposed forceful pushing for a resolution by any sponsor. Meanwhile, the Taliban has said that the US forces have left Afghanistan after occupation for 20 years. US Central Command chief Gen Kenneth McKenzie confirmed some Americans and eligible Afghans were unable to get to the airport in time to get aboard the final flights out.

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The last American soldier has left Afghanistan; US mission is officially over

The United States has ended a 20-year occupation of Afghanistan and departed from the country, leaving it in the hands of the Taliban. Major General Chris Donahue, the Commanding Officer of the commanding general of the 82nd Airborne Division, was officially the last American soldier to leave the crisis-hit country on a C-17 aircraft out of Kabul. The Taliban had started celebrating last night as the last of the American troops pulled out of the national capital. Afghanistan now is under the complete control of the Taliban, barring the resistance stronghold of Panjshir Valley. General Kenneth McKenzie, commander of US Central Command, announced the complete withdrawal of American forces from Afghanistan. Gen McKenzie said that the withdrawal signified not just the end of the military evacuation but also the end of the nearly 20-year mission that began in Afghanistan shortly after September 11th, 2001. Gen. McKenzie: I’m here to announce the completion of our withdrawal from Afghanistan. — Department of Defense 🇺🇸 (@DeptofDefense) August 30, 2021 But many wonder, did the US achieve what it set out to do in Afghanistan? The Taliban were in power when they arrived, and the Taliban are in power when they leave. He said that while the military evacuation was complete, the diplomatic mission was still on to ensure that at-risk Afghans and additional American citizens who wanted to leave are allowed to do so. Giving details of what he termed as the largest non-combatant evacuation in the US military history, the US Central Command chief said that the US and coalition aircraft had together evacuated over 1.23 lakh civilians. The White House gave more details of its evacuation operation, stating that on average, the country's military evacuated over 7,500 civilians per day over the 18-day mission. On one of those days, it evacuated over 19,000 civilians on a single day.  Denying that there was a deadline for the Americans to leave Afghanistan, the White House said that the Secretary of State would coordinate with international partners to ensure safe passage for any Americans, Afghans or foreigners who wanted to leave Afghanistan. 'New era of engagement with Afghanistan' US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, meanwhile, said that a new chapter of America's engagement with Afghanistan had begun with the country's troops departing from Kabul. .@SecBlinken: More than 123,000 people have been safely flown out of Afghanistan. That includes about 6,000 American citizens. This has been a massive military, diplomatic, and humanitarian undertaking – one of the most difficult in our nation’s history. — Department of State (@StateDept) August 31, 2021 The new engagement with Afghanistan will see the United States lead with our diplomacy, Blinken said, adding that the White House will hold the Taliban to their commitment to freedom of movement for at-risk Afghans and foreigners. He reiterated that the US work in Afghanistan will continue. Blinken further said that the Joe Biden administration had a plan for what comes next and that it was putting it into action.

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Mi NoteBook Ultra, Mi NoteBook Pro to Go on Sale in India Today: Price, Availability

Mi NoteBook Ultra and Mi NoteBook Pro will go on sale starting today at 12pm (noon). The laptops were launched on August 26 at the Xiaomi's Smarter Living 2022 event. They are being offered with Rs. 4,500 instant discount on HDFC Bank debit, credit cards.

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SpaceX Launches Ants, Avocados, Robot to International Space Station

A SpaceX shipment of ants, avocados, and a human-sized robotic arm rocketed toward the International Space Station on Sunday.

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Clubhouse Launches Spatial Audio Feature to Help Chats Feel Life-Like

Clubhouse said it will launch a spatial audio feature to make voices sound as if they're coming from different directions, helping conversations and virtual performances feel more life-like.

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US drone strike eliminates threat to Kabul airport, but claims Afghan civilian lives as well

The United States claimed to have disrupted an imminent ISIS-K threat to Kabul's Hamid Karzai International Airport after it carried out an airstrike about three kilometres from the intended target. However, even though an imminent threat was neutralised, there was collateral damage as well with reports suggesting that at least nine Afghan civilians were killed in the strike. Six children are among those killed in the US drone strike in Kabul. The US Central Command said it was aware of reports of civilian casualties. In a statement, the US Central Command said that it was still assessing the results of the airstrike.  We know that there were powerful and substantial subsequent explosions resulting from the vehicle's destruction, the statement said, adding that the explosions indicated a large amount of explosive material inside that may have caused additional casualties.  US Central Command Spokesman Captain Bill Urban said, "It is unclear what may have happened, and we are investigating further. We would be deeply saddened by any potential loss of innocent life." According to reports, there were two suicide bombers inside the explosive-laden vehicle taken out by the US strike. The US drone believed to have taken off from the United Arab Emirates, hit the vehicle. The airstrike came hours after US President Joe Biden announced that another terrorist attack on Kabul was 'highly likely' within 36 hours and that the American retaliation for last week's bombing which claimed the lives of 13 US Marines, would continue.

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Tokyo Paralympics: Yogesh Kathuniya wins discus silver; Devendra Jhajharia, Sundar Singh bag javelin medals

There seemed to be no stopping India in the ongoing Tokyo Paralympics. On Monday, India won a total of four medals. While shooter Avani Lekhara won the gold at the Women's 10m Air Rifle Standing event with a world record, athletics bagged the contingent three more. Discus thrower Yogesh Kathuniya claimed the silver, throwing it at a distance of 44.38 metres. The gold medal was won by Claudiney Batista dos Santos of Brazil, while Cuba's Leonardo Diaz Aldana bagged the bronze. Let's 'discus' this #silver medal-winning throw 😉 Watch #IND's Yogesh Kathuniya's season-best throw of 44.38m which earned #IND another medal at the #Tokyo2020 #Paralympics❗👇 — #Tokyo2020 for India (@Tokyo2020hi) August 30, 2021 Kathuniya was classified in the F56 category, where the athletes possess full arms and rely on trunk muscle power. By pressing the knees together, they gain some pelvic stability. The moment of victory feat. #IND's Yogesh Kathuniya! 😍 How many of you saw him win the #silver medal live? 🌟#Tokyo2020 #Paralympics — #Tokyo2020 for India (@Tokyo2020hi) August 30, 2021 Following the same, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi lauded Kathuniya effort by tweeting, "Outstanding performance by Yogesh Kathuniya. Delighted that he brings home the Silver medal. His exemplary success will motivate budding athletes. Congrats to him. Wishing him the very best for his future endeavours. #Paralympics". Outstanding performance by Yogesh Kathuniya. Delighted that he brings home the Silver medal. His exemplary success will motivate budding athletes. Congrats to him. Wishing him the very best for his future endeavours. #Paralympics — Narendra Modi (@narendramodi) August 30, 2021 ALSO READ: Shooter Avani Lekhara wins Gold at Tokyo Paralympics; first Indian woman ever to do so On Sunday, Vinod Kumar had won the bronze in the same event of the F52 classification. However, it has been put on hold following a protest against his classification. The final decision is expected to arrive today. The F52 category is for athletes with restricted movements due to impaired muscle power, along with a difference in leg length or limb deficiency. Meanwhile, India bagged a couple of medals in the javelin throw event, thanks to Devendra Jhajharia and Sundar Singh Gurjar, who claimed silver and bronze, respectively. In the standing F46 category, Jhajharia threw a distance of 64.35m, which was his personal best, while Gurjar attained a distance of 62.58m. Sri Lanka's Dinesh Priyan Herath Mudiyanselage claimed the gold. Weather Update 🚨: It's RAINING medals for #IND 🌧️🥇🥈🏅 Devendra Jhajharia grabs #Silver and Sundar Singh Gurjar claims #Bronze as India dominate the podium in the Men's Javelin Throw F46 Final taking India's tally to 7️⃣! 🔥#Tokyo2020 #Paralympics #ParaAthletics — #Tokyo2020 for India (@Tokyo2020hi) August 30, 2021 The event had another India, Ajeet Singh Yadav. However, he registered four invalid attempts, barring his first (56.15) and second (52.36) attempts. Superb performance by @DevJhajharia! One of our most experienced athletes wins a Silver medal. Devendra has been making India continuously proud. Congratulations to him. Best of luck for his future endeavours. #Paralympics — Narendra Modi (@narendramodi) August 30, 2021 Meanwhile, Modi sent out a couple of tweets complimenting the incredible efforts from Jhajharia and Gurjar. India is overjoyed by the Bronze medal won by @SundarSGurjar. He has shown remarkable courage and dedication. Congratulations to him. Wishing him the very best. #Paralympics — Narendra Modi (@narendramodi) August 30, 2021 NOTE: Asianet News humbly requests everyone to wear masks, sanitise, maintain social distancing and get vaccinated as soon as eligible. Together we can and will break the chain #ANCares #IndiaFightsCorona

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Shooter Avani Lekhara wins Gold at Tokyo Paralympics; first Indian woman ever to do so

Shooter Avani Lekhara won the first Gold medal for India at the Women's 10m Air Rifle Standing SH1competition of the Tokyo Paralympics.  19-year old Avani is the first-ever Indian woman to clinch gold at the Paralympics. The Indian shooter equalled the Paralympics record of 249.6 points to take the top podium. The silver medal went to China's Cuiping Zhang with 248.9 points while Ukraine's Iryna Shchetnik won the bronze medal with 227.5 points. PM Modi congratulates Avani Prime Minister Narendra Modi congratulated Avani on her phenomenal performance. Phenomenal performance @AvaniLekhara! Congratulations on winning a hard-earned and well-deserved Gold, made possible due to your industrious nature and passion towards shooting. This is truly a special moment for Indian sports. Best wishes for your future endeavours. — Narendra Modi (@narendramodi) August 30, 2021 Congratulating her on winning a hard-earned Gold, the Prime Minister said that the medal was made possible because of her passion for shooting. He also called it a truly special moment for Indian sports. 

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Should You Invest in Cryptocurrency?

Investing in cryptocurrency in India is going up steadily, but how many people are doing this simply because of a fear of missing out? There are a number of things that you need to consider before you think about investing in cryptocurrency. Let's take a look.

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Cryptocurrency Investments: Is Buying Bitcoin Investing or Speculating?

Cryptocurrency prices are subject to major volatility. But is buying virtual currencies like Bitcoin a good investment or mere speculation? Read on to find out.

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Hyundai, GM EV Battery Fires Linked to Cells Manufactured at LG Plants

Hyundai and GM have linked their EV battery fires to LG plants in Asia, as per documents filed with the US safety regulator.

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Microsoft Is Reportedly Discontinuing Support for Office Apps on Chromebook From September 18

Microsoft is reportedly discontinuing support for its Office apps on Chromebook. A new report states that the company wants Chromebook users to transition to Web versions of these apps. This decision will be incorporated around mid-September and while the apps will not be supported by Microsoft anymore they will continue to function.

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Google Pay to Allow Users Open Fixed Deposits on its Platform in India: Report

Google Pay will soon allow its customers in India to open Fixed Deposits (FD) on its platform, according to a report.

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Cardano ‘Alonzo Hard Fork’: All You Need to Know About the Major Upgrade

Cardano’s ‘Alonzo Hard Fork’ update is coming up. It is said to be a major update and the anticipation has already helped double the price of its native cryptocurrency ADA. Here’s all you need to know about it.

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Reliance-Future Deal: New Case Filed Against Amazon in Supreme Court

Future Retail has filed a new case against Amazon in the Supreme Court. This is its latest effort to seek clearance for its $3.4 billion retail assets sale to Reliance, which Amazon has challenged.

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Twitter Rolling Out Ticketed Spaces for iOS Users Allowing Them to Monetise Spaces They Host

Twitter has started rolling out Ticketed Spaces for iOS users. Ticketed Spaces allow creates to generate revenue from the Spaces they host by charging sort of a ticket price. Twitter Ticketed Spaces were first announced in June and it had opened applications for users who wanted to test the feature.

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Microsoft Updates Windows 11 Minimum System Requirements to Include Older Intel CPUs

Microsoft has updated its Windows 11 minimum system requirements to include more Intel CPUs. Through an official blog post, it announced that after Windows Insider testing and exploring options with OEMs, the minimum system requirements now include additional older Intel CPUs that will be compatible with Windows 11, though the other prerequisites still remain in place...

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Cryptocurrency Trading: What Are Some of the Red Flags and How to Spot Them

D-core, a firm of blockchain analysts and researchers has shared their recommendations about investing in cryptocurrencies. Here are some of the red flags and ways to spot them.

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‘A Story About Hopscotch Going Through App Store Review’: Coding App CEO Lashes Out at Apple in a Twitter Thread

Hopscotch CEO Samantha John lashed out at Apple in a Twitter thread the coding app's update got unreasonably rejected several times.

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