Cat tests canine's patience; watch dog's cute reaction

It is believed that cats and dogs could not go along with each other. However, here is a video that will confront your belief. Yes, here is a video of a cat that is trying to instigate the dog. What does the canine do? Well, that is the exciting element in the video. The short clip was  posted on Reddit with the caption, "curious cat: alright so what if my paw is here." The video shows a dog comfortably sitting on the floor. However, a cat sitting next to it wants to play with the canine. So the cat tries to irritate the dog, using its claw to pet the head and play with its ear. However, the dog does not get bothered by its friend. The video has collected over 58k upvotes and more than 600 comments. Netizens loved the adorable video of cat and dog as they expressed several opinions in the comment sections; take a look.

from asianetnews

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