Google received 36,934 user complaints in July and deleted 95,680 pieces of content as a result, according to the internet giant's monthly transparency reports, which were issued on Tuesday. Aside from user reports, Google deleted 5,76,892 pieces of material in July due to automatic detection. The US-based firm provided these disclosures to comply with India's new IT laws, which went into effect on May 26.

Google announced on Tuesday that it received 36,934 complaints in July from individual users in India via authorised methods and that the number of removal actions as a result of user complaints was 95,680 - the most so far. In June, Google received 36,265 user complaints and deleted 83,613 pieces of material as a consequence. In April, it deleted 59,350 pieces of material, and in May, it erased 71,132 items.

Copyright (94,862), trademark (807), court order (4), circumvention (3), counterfeit (1), explicit sexual content (1), impersonation (1), and other legal demands were used to remove the content (1).

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According to Google's report, it deleted 5,76,892 pieces of content in July due to automatic detection. In June, this figure was 5,26,866. The business stated that it had included data where the sender or author of the material is based in India for data linked to automatic detection procedures.

According to Google, a single complaint may include numerous things that may or may not be related to the same or distinct pieces of content. Each unique URL in a given complaint is regarded as an individual "item" that is deleted. According to the new IT guidelines, large digital platforms with more than 5 million users will be required to submit monthly compliance reports detailing the specifics of complaints received and actions done in response. The report must also contain the number of specific communication connections or sections of the material that the intermediary has deleted or denied access to as a result of any proactive monitoring performed with automated technologies.

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