In a recent development, the Kerala Education Minister V Sivankutty informed that the state is likely to reopen schools in a phased manner as the situation improves and once it gets approval from the Centre. Addressing the state Assembly, the minister said that the online classes have been putting a mental and physical strain on the students, resulting in the children facing health issues. He further said that the Kerala Women and Child Department and student cadet police are counselling the children to reduce mental stress. The state government is also planning to arrange special training for teachers to guide their students. Sivankutty said certain awareness classes would also be held for parents next month regarding students' issues while online classes.  Speaking about the reopening of educational institutes, the education minister said they are waiting for clearance from the Centre. Once it is approved, vaccination has to be given to the students. Post that only, the reopening will be done in a phased manner. Presently, the state's education department runs various programmes like 'Our Responsibility to Students' to ensure school students' mental health. Meanwhile, few states have already announced the opening of the schools.  Recently, the Centre had formed a committee which MP Vinay P Sahsrabudhe heads. As per the finding of the committee, schools not reopening is highly hazardous and a grave matter. It also added that the closure of schools has led to children doing more household works.

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