US President Joe Biden warned Wednesday that leaving Afghanistan without turmoil was unthinkable, as the US urged with the triumphant Taliban to provide safe passage for refugees. Amid dire scenes at Kabul's airport, where US forces are rushing against the clock to evacuate tens of thousands of civilians, Biden held firm in his decision to end the US war in Afghanistan, which has lasted 20 years. He stated that he had no clue how anyone could have gotten out without pandemonium erupting in a broadcast speech. The Biden administration has long pledged an "orderly withdrawal" in America's longest war. The president has stated that US soldiers have no national interest in fighting in a protracted battle. Biden expressed confidence that the hundreds of US troops deployed back to Afghanistan for evacuations would be out by August 31, the date he set to finish the war. The president, who has acknowledged that he was stunned by the US-backed Afghan government's swift collapse, ordered the Kabul airport's takeover to run evacuations.   He went on to say that if any American citizens remain, the soldiers will stay to get them all out. He stated that the Taliban is cooperating in allowing Americans to leave but that soldiers are experiencing further challenges. Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman expressed concern over reports of harassment and roadblocks for Afghan nationals, despite the Taliban's assurances not to retaliate. Since soldiers secured Hamid Karzai International Airport, where the US embassy has been temporarily moved, more than 4,800 individuals, including US citizens and Afghans, have been evacuated. Tens of thousands of Afghans, including translators for the US troops, employees for US non-governmental organizations and media outlets, and women's rights advocates, are anticipated to flee for fear of Taliban retaliation.  

from asianetnews

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