Days after Lucknow girl went viral for attacking and slapping a taxi driver on the Awadh junction, which created a major traffic jam, another video from Lucknow, is creating ripples on digital media. In the video, a woman is slapping and beating an auto driver with her chappal. According to the available information on social media, the episode took place at Lucknow’s Tedhi Puliya Main Chowk. It is believed that the two youths and the woman were fighting with the driver over the auto fare. They were desiring to pay less while the driver was asking for full money. The auto-driver can be seen asking help from a policeman as the two youths scream and abuse him. Following this, a woman arrives and slaps the auto driver and starts hitting him with her chappals. Observing the incident, a policeman standing nearby came forward to intervene. Watch the video विवाद किराए का, हिसाब चप्पल से। थप्पड़ गर्ल के बाद अब चप्पल वाली महिला। लखनऊ के टेढ़ी पुलिया चौराहे का वीडियो वायरल। — Gyan Bihari Mishra (@Gyanmishra_) August 21, 2021

from asianetnews

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