A video of a man getting dragged by some ‘invisible force’ in a gym has emerged on social media. Yes, a TikTok video posted by user @carlosruizoficial shows the man being dragged over the gym floor by what people seem to believe is a ‘ghost’. In the video, an unidentified man is getting ready for his gym session. One can see he is all alone in the gym. In no time, the TRX suspension starts swaying back and forth on its own while the man is utterly unaware of it. Then the weighted medicine ball moves towards him. Also, the lights in the stairwell begin to shut on and off. Watching all this, the man panics and grabs his stuff to leave but falls to the ground. The scariest point about the video is when he is dragged across the floor by a supernatural presence. After obtaining control of his body, he runs for the exit and leaves the gym. The scary video went viral across all platforms on social media. Take a look.

from asianetnews

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