Tuesday, August 3, 2021

NASA shares soothing audio of ‘13 billion years' worth of data’ in viral video; Listen here

NASA always gives space enthusiasts treats while sharing various photos and videos of space, which helps us understand what lies beyond our blue planet. The space agency has also been encouraging people to experience stars and galaxies through senses --- through sonification. In this process, the data collected by different space telescopes are converted into sounds. Recently, NASA shared a similar example which has become viral for all the good reason. Taking to Instagram, NASA shared the post with the caption: "You're listening to 13 billion years' worth of data. The galaxies in this Hubble Ultra Deep Field image from 2014 are represented in sound! Wheardar a note for each galaxy when it emitted the light captured in this image; the farther the galaxy, the longer it took for its light to reach Hubble."  View this post on Instagram A post shared by Hubble Space Telescope (@nasahubble) Since the time from posting, it has garnered over lakhs of views, and numbers seem to keep increasing from minute to minute.  Previously, dropping the video on Instagram, the space agency in the caption shared its review on the 'one star' of the solar system. In the following few lines, space agency wrote about the CME whose footage it had shared in the clip. It further stated that the waves of solar plasma shoot billions of particles into space "at about 1 million miles, or 1,600,000 kilometres, per hour."   View this post on Instagram A post shared by NASA (@nasa)

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