The love for street food is popular among Indians. But we often ignore the hygiene factor and only think about the lip-smacking taste. One such video of a street food vendor will raise your concerns, and even you will be forced to think twice before eating next time. Yes, A offensive video of a Panipuri seller urinating on a mug, mixing it in water utilised for preparing the golgappas for people, has emerged on social media. The 20-second video shows the man behind the stall taking a mug and adding urine to the pani puri water. The episode was reported from the Athgaon area of Assam’s Guwahati. After being shared online, the video went viral, and the local police sprang into action to arrest the man for this heinous act. Netizens shared the video on many platforms, warning people to be aware of such incidents. Responding to the video, angry social media users posted their opinion in the comments section. Take a look. Shocking!A street vendor(pani puri saller) has been arrestd in Guwahati after viral a sensational video in which he mixed his urine with water and using the same Water in Pani Puri.#ViralVideo #Guwahati @ABPNews @ANI @the_viralvideos @ViralPosts5 @indiatvnews @TheQuint @SkyNews — Mamun Khan (@Mk817Khan) August 20, 2021

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