Following the Taliban's capture of Afghanistan, Prime Minister Boris Johnson indicated on Friday that Britain would work with the insurgents if necessary. He defended his foreign minister, who has been criticised for how he handled the situation. He added that he wanted to reassure people that our political and diplomatic efforts to find a solution for Afghanistan will continue, including engaging with the Taliban if necessary. Johnson said the situation at Kabul airport, where hundreds of desperate Afghans have flocked in search of a way out of the country, was improving "somewhat." Since Saturday, the British government has arranged the evacuation of 1,615 persons, including 399 British nationals and their dependents, 320 embassy employees, and 402 Afghans. When asked if he still had faith in Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab, who has received calls for his resignation for his handling of the issue, he said, "Absolutely." Also Read | United Kingdom confident to fly out 1,500 people from Afghanistan over next two days Earlier this week, the British government intended to transfer 1,500 extra soldiers out of Afghanistan during the next two days, according to British Defence Secretary Ben Wallace. He had said that the first flight carrying British nationals landed in the country on Monday, as nations hurried to evacuate ambassadors, Afghan employees, and their families from Kabul's chaotic airport. Wallace expressed confidence that the administration will evacuate 1,000 people each day, including Afghan nationals who aided British citizens. According to media sources, he is working to remove any bureaucratic barriers preventing individuals who pass tests from being transferred to the UK.

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