Social media is full of plenty of dog videos that captivate their charming antics. One such video of a dad dog playing tug of war with puppies has gone viral. The cute video of dogs will surely make you smile. Reddit posted this video with the caption, "Team work to defeat dad, lets do this!" (sic). The video shows a dad dog pulling the rope on one side and four puppies pulling it from the other. All the dogs are being seen indulged in the tug of war to win against each other. After being shared online, the video has accumulated over 7.2k views and several comments. Netizens were delighted by the video and expressed their opinion in the comments section. A user wrote, "I'm a dad, and if I had 4 kids, I'd be able to take them all together on a tug of war any day.. But of course, we have to loose on purpose..". Another person commented, "Standard group project. One is doing all the work and everybody is getting the praise." Watch the video.

from asianetnews

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