Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Friday slammed Twitter for blocking his account and termed it as biased. In a video statement issued on YouTube, Rahul Gandhi said, "By shutting down my Twitter, they are interfering in our political process. A firm is doing its business to define our politics. And as a politician, I do not like that." "This is an attack on the democratic structure of our country. This is not simply about shutting down Rahul Gandhi. I have 19-20 million followers. You deny them right to an opinion."   Calling the Twitter action patently unfair, Rahul said that Twitter is breaching the idea that the platform is neutral.  Reiterating that the democracy was under attack wherein MPs are not allowed to speak in Parliament, and the media is controlled, Rahul said, I thought there was a ray of light where we could put across thoughts on Twitter. But obviously, that is not the case. Twitter is not neutral, objective platform; it is a biased platform. It listens to what the government of the day says." "As Indians, we have to ask the question, are we going to allow companies, just because they are beholden to the government of India, to define our politics for us," he asked. Twitter blocked out the Wayanad MP's Twitter handle after posting a photograph showing the kin of the nine-year-old Dalit girl who was raped and murdered in Delhi.  After Rahul, accounts of several Congress leaders and the party's official handle too were suspended by the micro-blogging site for violation of privacy rules.

from asianetnews

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