Bangalore: Every South Indian household brews with the fragrance of delicious food on the occasion of Onam. Indian festivals are incomplete without friends and family sitting and enjoying a hearty meal together. Similarly during Onam, 'Onam Sadhya' holds high importance. Onam Sadhya comprises a traditional multi-course vegetarian meal served on a banana leaf featuring more than 25 dishes. Eating with hands makes Onam Sadhya special; it is believed that the practice of eating with hands during Onam Sadhya helps the fingertips to connect with the heart, third eye, throat, solar plexus, sexual and root chakras. The food is said to become more relishable and wholesome. It also activates the chakras and benefits us in attaining emotional and physical well-being. Rasam Rasam is a comfort food for every South Indian. It is a dish widely prevalent in India and is loved across the country. This is an essential food of Sadhya, made of tamarind, tomatoes, pepper and lentils. Rice The spread on a banana leaf is incomplete without rice. Rice is served as a main dish that can be mixed with either rasam or other side dishes. Mor Curry Mor curry is also called Mor Kuzhambu or Pulissery. It is a finger-licking dish made of buttermilk. It is served with rice and dry veggies preparations. Thoran How can the festival food be complete without a good vegetable? Thoran is a dish made of cabbage, beans, raw jackfruit or carrot; it is garnished with coconut. Kalan Kalan is a traditional dish that is made of yoghurt, yams, plantains and coconut. It tastes incredible and is an excellent tasteful option in the spread. Olan Olan is mainly served with rice. It is a tasty blend of white pumpkin, coconut milk and cowpeas; one of the popular dishes on the banana leaf spread. Avial Avial is a thick mixture of vegetables made with curd and coconut paste tempered with a good amount of curry leaves in coconut oil. The flavour of this dish is unmatchable. Paal Payasam Paal Payasam is a traditional dessert made with rice, full cream, milk, sugar and ghee that gives the filling meal a super wholesome and sweet ending.

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