Monday, August 2, 2021

Stamp your undergarment, shave legs if wearing shorts: Chandigarh lake sports complex circular goes viral

A notice, purportedly issued by the management of the Lake Sports Complex in Chandigarh, has gone viral for its over the top directives to club members. The notice issued on August 1 calls upon gym users to pay special attention to their undergarments.  "Only approved undergarments are to be worn. The list and samples of such garments are kept in the office. Members can bring their garments to the office for approval stamping," the notice said. The management circular also asked gym members to wash their socks daily and stop using foul language. "List of permitted bad words in Punjabi is available with us. Please use only permitted bad words," the circular said. The circular further noted that gym users wearing shorts must "shave their legs to preserve the decorum" and "avoid unnecessary attention. "Defaulters will be depilated at sight," the management said. The reported notice went viral immediately after it appeared on social media. Some users posted hilarious comments on the notice. * How does a member fail the "smell test"? * Who is incharge of smelling members ? * Can members wax instead of shave ? * "Only approved undergarment are to be worn ! And who will check the brand of the underwear ?" * what if the member abuses in another language ? 💪 — Tehseen Poonawalla Official 🇮🇳 (@tehseenp) August 3, 2021 Wardens in every university should hire the services of the Lake Sports Complex, Chandigarh to carry out a “smell test”😬 — Paras Nath Singh (@parasnsingh95) August 3, 2021 And, the Pulitzer goes to the guy who drafted this!😎#Chandigarh #Punjab — Doctor Of (@indian_politics) August 3, 2021 Rules of Chandigarh Lake club -approved and stamped undergarments -no smelly socks -no foul body odour, smell test to be done -shaven legs -only permitted bad words to be used Wondering condition of the person who will check all these. 🤮 — Sapna Madan / सपना मदान (@sapnamadan) August 3, 2021 The club management removed the controversial circular after hue and cry from members. The management said that posting the notice was 'shararat' (mischief) by someone.

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