The Taliban have issued a directive stating working women in Afghanistan must stay at home until proper systems are in place to ensure their safety.   Taliban spokesperson Zabiullah Mujahid said at a news conference on Tuesday that women should not go to work for their own safety, undermining the group's efforts to convince international observers that the group would be more tolerant towards women than when they were last in power, reported CNN. As per Mujahid, the measure was necessary because the Taliban "keep changing and are not trained." The Taliban which retook full control of the country eleven days ago, enforced a strict version of Islamic law when they ran Afghanistan before 2001. When last in power between 1996 and 2001 the militant group banned women from the workplace, stopped them from leaving the home unaccompanied and forced them to cover their entire bodies. Also read: Escaped journalist recounts Afghan women horror: Taliban search house-to-house for women, girls for marriage The direction came after the World Bank halted funding in Afghanistan, citing concerns about the safety of women, and within hours of the UN calling for a "transparent and prompt investigation" into reports of human rights abuses since the Taliban takeover, dealing another blow to an economy that relies heavily on foreign aid, reported CNN. Meanwhile, issued a warning stating the US will face "serious consequences" in the event of any delay or extension in the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan. The development comes after, US President Biden had said that the United States had evacuated an “extraordinary number of people” from Kabul, but that his August 31 deadline for removing all American troops from Afghanistan might be extended while talking about the evacuation efforts in Afghanistan. NOTE: Asianet News humbly requests everyone to wear masks, sanitize, maintain social distancing and get vaccinated as soon as eligible. Together we can and will break the chain #ANCares #IndiaFightsCorona 

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