Zoom launches new Focus Mode for educators to keep students more attentive in class

Amid the ongoing COVID pandemic, schools and other educational institutions offer flexible in-person or remote learning options. With remote learning taking over, there is a lack of attention as it is challenging to maintain focus in an online class or any environment. To counter this, Zoom has come up with a new feature that may help the education department. The video conferencing app has released a new Focus Mode for teachers, which aims to assist them in keeping students attentive.  This new Focus Mode allows teachers to see their students’ videos, to see their teachers without seeing other class participants. Educators can supervise their class with this feature, but students won’t be distracted by their peers’ video feeds or feel self-conscious about turning on their camera.  Explaining how to enable this mode, the user needs to be the host of the meeting and be on the Zoom desktop client on Windows 5.7.3 or higher and macOS 5.7.3 or higher.  To enable Focus mode, users need to sign in to the Zoom web portal as an admin with the privilege to edit account settings. Then click on the navigation panel, and then Account Management, then Account Settings. Later, click the Focus Mode toggle to enable or disable the new feature. Further, if the hosts want to make this setting mandatory, then they need to click the lock icon and click Lock to confirm the setting.

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