A video of a drunk model vandalising an Army vehicle and creating an uproar in Madhya Pradesh's Gwalior has emerged on social media. Reportedly, the girl was from Delhi, allegedly kicking and damaging the army vehicle under the influence of alcohol. The viral video shows a girl repeatedly kicking and damaging the headlight of the army vehicle.

She also pushed back an army soldier who attempted to stop her from damaging the vehicle. Her drama also created a traffic jam on the road. The episode was reported to the Padav police station, Gwalior. Following that, a woman cop came and took the girl to the police station.

According to the sources, there was a complaint registered from the Army’s side. Residents said three girls from Delhi had come to Gwalior, and one of them created an uproar on the road. The other two girls also approached the police station to release the girl detained by the police. So police released her on bail. Watch the video.


from asianetnews

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