Thursday, September 16, 2021

Elderly man carves ‘Namokar Mantra’ on electric bulbs with hammer and chisel; watch video

An elderly man from Gwalior, who functions a unique art of carving words on glass items, has inscribed ‘Namokar Mantra’ on electric bulbs with the help of a hammer and chisel. The 70-year-old man identified as Vimal Chandra Jain reportedly said his family owned a shop where they engraved names on utensils. 

After practising his art on various items, Jain wanted to work engraving on glass. So he developed an idea to engrave ‘Namokar Mantra’ on bulbs. For the last  10-12 years, Vimal Chandra Jain has been carving words on glass, and now it takes hardly two to three hours to inscribe this mantra on a bulb. Take a look.


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