Food is an important component of Ganesh Chaturthi, emphasising sweets to honour Lord Ganesha's sweet taste. The event has started today (September 10). The ten-day celebrations, which begin on the fourth day of the Hindu month of Bhadrapada, will be celebrated with zeal in various country regions. This year's festival will run through September 21. As preparations for Lord Ganesh's birth begin, it is vital to remember that food plays a significant role in the event. Keeping Lord Ganesh's sweet taste in mind, here are a few festive sweets to serve as bhog:

Modak: How can one forget Lord Ganesh's favourite meal, modaks? The dish's name alone conjures up images of the god. This delicious dumpling composed of flour, jaggery, and coconut is so popular among the gods that Lord Ganesh is also known as 'Modakpriya.' Devotees make modaks with various fillings, including chocolate, kaju, kesar, motichoor, and khoya, to serve as bhog.

Sheera: Like sooji ka halwa, this sweet delicacy is created with ghee, rava, dried fruits, and other ingredients. Devotees enhance the flavour with bananas, dried fruits, and even pineapple.

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Puranpoli: This is one of the main meals served as bhog to Lord Ganesh. Puranpolis, a sweet flatbread prepared with chana dal, screams indulgence with its filling of jaggery, coconut, cardamom, and butter or ghee.

Motichur Ladoo: This is another treat connected with Lord Ganesh. Ladoos are made of gramme flour, sugar, and spices and may be seen everywhere throughout the holiday season.

Shrikhand: This meal will satisfy your appetite in no time. It's made with fermented curd and crushed dry fruits and comes with a choice of toppings, including almonds, raisins, pistachios, cashew nuts, and other dry fruits.

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