Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Joe Biden: QUAD collaboration on pace to manufacture 1 billion vaccine doses in India by 2022

According to US President Joe Biden, the Quad collaboration is on pace to manufacture at least a billion vaccine doses in India by 2022, and that nothing is more important than working together to combat COVID-19 so that the world is far better prepared for future pandemics. Biden stated in his virtual speech to the Global Summit to End COVID-19 that the US and its international allies are working swiftly to build up vaccine manufacturing in other nations across the world so that they, too, can produce.

He said they are working with partner nations, pharmaceutical companies, and other manufacturers to increase their own capacity and capability to produce and manufacture safe and highly effective vaccines in their own countries. In another historic announcement, Biden stated that the US would purchase another half-billion dose of Pfizer to distribute to low and middle-income nations worldwide. This is another half-billion dose that will be sent by this time next year, bringing their total commitment to donating vaccinations to nearly 1.1 billion vaccines.

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He stated that the Quad collaboration with India, Japan, and Australia is on pace to help produce at least 1 billion vaccine doses in India by the end of 2022, boosting global supplies. He said that they would be giving finance and assisting in the strengthening of South African manufacturing to produce more than 500 million doses of J&J in Africa for Africa next year.

Australia, India, Japan, and the United States constitute the Quad. Biden stated that nothing is more important than all of them working together to defeat COVID-19 and that the world will be much better prepared for future pandemics, and that he is keeping his promise that America will become the arsenal of vaccines as it was the arsenal of democracy during World War II. The United States has already delivered almost 160 million pills to 100 nations, more than any other country combined. Biden told the virtual summit that America's contribution of 500,000 Pfizer vaccinations through COVAX, which he announced before the G-7 conference in June, had already begun to ship.

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