Suzuki Connect, a telematics system developed by Maruti Suzuki India Limited, has been offered for automobiles in the Arena channel as well. Suzuki Connect, which was launched in 2018 for its Nexa series of automobiles, is a sophisticated telematics system that provides Maruti Suzuki car owners with a connected car experience by utilising cloud-based services as well as over-the-air upgrades.

According to the manufacturer, Suzuki Connect is engineered, created, developed, and tested based on rigorous research and practical learnings from driving behaviours, circumstances, and obstacles.

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According to Maruti Suzuki, the 'Suzuki-Connect' system employs a Telematics Control Unit (TCU), which exchanges data over the cellular network with a centralised cloud-based server accessible to the client via a Smartphone App. As per the manufacturer, one of the critical advantages of 'Suzuki-Connect' is that it is impossible to tamper with since it is adequately disguised and firmly integrated inside the car.

Suzuki Connect is supposed to improve customers' on-road driving experiences by offering many features. It keeps consumers better informed by providing dynamic features such as live car monitoring, driving analytics reports, functional warnings, and roadside help. Suzuki Connect Smartphone App is accessible on both iOS and Android platforms. Suzuki Connect is a Maruti Suzuki Genuine Accessory offered through Maruti Suzuki's vast passenger car sales network of over 2,800 dealerships in over 2,000 locations.

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The 'Suzuki Connect' costs Rs 11,900 with a three-year data contract. Customers who are already members of Suzuki Connect on Nexa can renew their membership for Rs 2,299 for three years or Rs 999 for one year.

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