Muslim fundamentalist stops woman riding with Hindu biker, video goes viral

Taliban mindset youth has put Bengaluru to shame after they stopped a biker offering ride to a Muslim woman wearing burka and attacked him.

The youth who can only be heard in the video seems to be playing the role of self-appointed religious custodian as he abused the woman and forced her to get down and then sent her in an autorickshaw.

The youth even questioned her character and demanded her to share her husband's number.

He then can be heard warning the husband for allowing his wife wearing burka to travel with other community men.

The shameful video has gone viral and action is being demanded from Bengaluru police.

The youth said to have similar mindset of religious outfit in coastal Karnataka who have problems if Muslim youths speak to Hindu women or drop them.

The moral policing incident is something that is new to Bengaluru as none of such cases have surfaced earlier. Such moral policing cases were only limited to the Karnataka coastal belt.

The Muslim youth in this video who think they have done so favour for thr  community by saving 'Muslim Woman' have only caused more damaged as now their mindset is being equated with Taliban which believes in hardliners and suppresses women's voice. 

from asianetnews

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