Tuesday, September 28, 2021

New York Times fact-checks Photoshopped image that called PM Modi as last, best hope of Earth

Among the many messages circulating from the WhatsApp groups these days is one that involves a New York Times front-page featuring Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The story headlines Prime Minister Modi as the 'Last, Best Hope of Earth'. The message, which apparently originated around the time the Prime Minister arrived in the United States for his official visit last week, termed him as the world's most loved and most powerful leader. 

Turns out, this New York Times front page does not exist.

The New York Times Public Relations team took to micro-blogging site Twitter to clarify, "This is a completely fabricated image, one of many in circulation featuring Prime Minister Modi."

The newspaper further said that resharing or circulating photoshopped images online only add to misinformation and uncertainty, at a time when truthful, trusted journalism is needed the most.

Soon after the New York Times Twitter post, social media erupted.

Some Twitterati called for a probe to track down who circulated the fake news to embarrass him and India globally. 

Congress supporters were quick to latch on to the Tweet and accused the Prime Minister and his party's IT cell of creating an international embarrassment.

Some even questioned the intent behind the New York Times giving a clarification regarding a clear Photoshop job.

Others mocked the New York Times for fact-checking a meme.

And then there were those who seemed to have read behind the New York Times line that the fabricated image was 'one of many in circulation' and come to the conclusion that the newspaper was taking a dig at the BJP's IT cell.

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