Thursday, September 23, 2021

'You're an inspiration, people waiting for you': PM Modi praises Kamala Harris, invites her to India

During their first face-to-face encounter at the White House on Friday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi hailed US Vice President Kamala Harris as an inspiration and welcomed her to India. He also congratulated the US Vice President, calling her victory an "important and historic occasion."
"Your election as Vice President of the United States was a momentous and historic occasion." Calling her an 'inspiration', he said he is sure that bilateral ties would reach new heights under President Biden's and your leadership.

Praising further, he added that Indians would also want Kamala to continue that in India and wait for her to come to India, and he extended an invitation to visit India. PM Modi emphasised that India and the United States are "natural partners," saying that the two countries share similar values and geopolitical objectives. Our coordination and collaboration are growing.

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Kamala Harris emphasised that collaboration between India and the United States may have a significant influence on the people of our respective countries and the rest of the globe. She emphasised the two countries' collaboration on several occasions, including COVID-19.

Earlier this year, Prime Minister Modi spoke by phone with Harris about the United States' worldwide vaccine sharing plan and the Quad vaccination programme to combat the Covid-19 epidemic. In a statement issued before departing for the United States, Prime Minister Modi stated that he is looking forward to visiting Vice President Kamala Harris to discuss prospects for collaboration between our two countries, particularly in science and technology. To explore potential investments in India, PM Modi met with US Vice President Kamala Harris, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, and five global CEOs. These conversations were part of Prime Minister Modi's series of meetings with CEOs of businesses with the potential to invest substantially in India.

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