Not for the faint-hearted - Sadhguru to answer audacious questions on spirituality, mysticism and life

Sadhguru, the founder of Isha Foundation, is coming with an exciting video platform with the largest video catalogue of authentic content on mysticism on October 16.

“Bring out your most audacious question on spirituality, mysticism and life, for a chance to personally ask Sadhguru and receive an answer, during this live Q&A event,” states the

However, they have a warning -- Not for the faint-hearted!


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Not for the faint-hearted is a live webstream event only for Sadhguru exclusive subscribers. You can also attend the live event by subscribing at

Sadhguru can help you find all your answers through the event.

Earlier in September, speaking at Pejawara Adhokshaja Mutt’s 34th Chaturmasya Mahotsava, Sadhguru addressed a wide range of issues such as the need for revitalizing Indian culture, reviving India’s education system, the relevance of Sanatan Dharma in our times and the importance of meditation, among others.

Responding to a question on the recently concluded Dismantle Global Hindutva conference, Sadhguru said, “We don’t have to worry about someone trying to dismantle the Hindu way of life. If we strengthen it and make it attractive for people, eliminating distinctions of caste and creed so all can live with dignity in the Hindu framework, no one can dismantle it."

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